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No. 9, Claypath Lane

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The Maltings

The Maltings is a fairly new hostelry in South Shields, situated in Claypath Lane opposite The Brittania, it occupies the building previously known as The Chamealeon. As a pub it’s great and I like it, it has become the usual meeting place for members of our Message Board when an ex-pat is returning for a visit to South Shields.
The Maltings has it’s own micro brewery on the ground floor and the pub is situated on the first floor, it offers a good selection of “real ales”, Jarrow Bitter being my particular favourite.

One of the signs above the entrance alludes to the old Westoe Brewhouse which was situated probably less than two hundred yards away in Dunelm Street, just behind Wharton Street, a nice link to local history for a hostelry.

The Maltings, Claypath lane, South Shields


Written by curly

August 9, 2006 at 12:23 am

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